Appointment Documents

The following are sample documents related to the designation of a Court-Appointed Neutral. The documents are provided for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. The documents on this webpage for download are open source and freely subject use and modification by all attorneys, judges, and court personnel for professional use. Click on the document link to download the file.

Order for Court-Appointed Neutral (Special Master)

This appointment order is for a Technology Neutral or eDiscovery Neutral (Special Master) in Federal Court. The order covers the key area of FRCP Rule 53.

Affidavit of Appointment

The Federal Rule 53(b)(3) requires that an affidavit be filed disclosing whether there is any grounds for disqualification.The first document is a general affidavit for Federal Court. In the State of Michigan any person performed digital forensic work must have a Professional Investigator License from the State of Michigan. The second document is an affidavit for Federal Court in Michigan and includes the paragraph that the appointee poses a State if Michigan Professional Investigator license.